Replengen Ideology 200mg


Replengen Ideology is a filler that utilizes polylactide to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead, restore volume to the cheeks, contour the face, and non-surgically correct the nose shape. The product is administered to the upper dermal layer to promote the synthesis of new collagen molecules and regulate molecular pathways in cells. The filler injection fills wrinkles while also increasing skin elasticity and tension. The product features a homogeneous structure due to its perfect spherical particles, simplifying administration. All components are of non-animal origin, and clinical trials have demonstrated the product’s safety and low allergenicity.

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• The product stimulates natural collagen production for a long-lasting effect of up to 24 months.
• The filler is made with non-animal, environmentally-friendly materials that are highly compatible with the body.
• Clinical trials have proven the product to be completely safe for use.
• The gel-like texture of the product, with its perfectly spherical particles, makes it easy to administer and ensures even distribution under the skin.

Application Areas:

• Correction of wrinkles on the forehead
• Non-invasive nose shape correction
• Restoration of volumes in the cheek area
• Correction of pronounced nasolabial folds
• Hips shape re-modeling
• Improvement of skin elasticity
• Correction of fine wrinkles in the areas around eyes and lips

Main Ingredients: 

  • PLA (poly-Lactic acid)


Packing Units:

  • 200mg/vial

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