One-Stop Private Label, OEM & ODM Service 

Korea Filler Experts is playing an intermediary role between the manufacturer and clients who are interested in their Private Label manufactured in Korea through our many years of distribution and manufacturing know-how.

Production of Private Label (OEM/ODM) is for who wants to create a high quality products of exclusive and sell it not only in their own country, but all over the world. A growing number of firms chooses this method of manufacturing products – on Korean production facilities, and we are ready to support your ideas.

ODM Process
Original Development & Design Manufacturing

The ODM system, which means the development and production by the manufacturer, is a method to realize the total service for all processes from product planning to development, production, quality control and shipment based on the proprietary technology and know-how of the manufacturer.

OEM Process
Original Equipment & Manufacturing

It is a commissioned production system that produces and delivers finished products bearing the trademark of the customer by developing the formulations that meet the requirements of the customer and receiving the design. 

Since the customer does not need to have its own production facility, this is a production system that can save the production cost.