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Proluma PLA by Genese Labs France, a cutting-edge natural collagen stimulator designed to rejuvenate skin texture gradually. Unlike traditional PLA fillers, Proluma boasts a unique formulation with perfect spherical shapes and uniform particle size, requiring lower injection power. This innovative product utilizes Genese Labs’s exclusive freeze-drying technique, significantly reducing treatment time by allowing for quicker dissolution. Crafted with biodegradable materials, Proluma ensures no residue is left in the body over time, offering a safe,
efficient, and groundbreaking solution for skin rejuvenation.

  • Even volume creation through spherical PLA particles.
  • High safety due to the use of biocompatible and eco-friendly material.
  • Reduce treatment time due to faster filler dissolution.
  • Soft injection due to uniform particle size and long-lasting power due to heavier molecular weight of more than 200,000DA.

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1.NEW TISSUES AND COLLAGEN PRODUCTION : Proluma effectively promotes the generation of new tissues and collagen, demonstrating a progressive cellular response to the treatment :

  • By Week 2 post-injection, cellular proliferation is evident as cells begin to adhere to the surface of PDLLA particles and occupy the interstitial spaces between them, effectively filling these voids with new tissue growth.
  • By Week 8, the previously observed spaces between PDLLA particles no longer exist, having been completely occupied by cells. These cells initiate migration into the porous structure of the PDLLA particles, as indicated by the yellow arrow.
  • By Weeks 12 and 20, an advanced stage of cellular integration is observed. Cells have penetrated deeply into the inner regions of the PDLLA particles, thoroughly inhabiting both the internal spaces and the areas between particles, culminating in significant tissue regeneration and volumization.


2.LONG LASTING EFFECT : Proluma stands out by not only correcting wrinkles and folds but also ensuring lasting volumization across facial areas, offering a durable alternative to traditional fillers that target specific folds. Its effectiveness in enhancing natural facial volume through the stimulation of new collagen and tissue production contributes to its long-lasting results.

3.SAFETY : PDLLA, known for its safety and non-toxic properties, undergoes degradation in the body via hydrolysis, breaking down into lactic acid and glycogen. Through metabolic processes, PDLLA is further decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, which are then safely excreted from the body. PDLLA is recognized for its safety, having received approval from the US FDA and classified under its GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation since 1984.


How To Use:

Thirty minutes before the procedure, prepare a 9cc suspension by combining 7cc of Sterile Water For Injection (SWFI) and 2cc of lidocaine with the contents of the Proluma vial.

  1. Remove cap and clean : Remove the flip-off cap and sanitize the penetrable vial stopper using an antiseptic
  2. Mix with Sterile Water For Injection(SWFI) : Connect an 18G needle to a sterile, single-use 7-mL syringe and draw 7 mL of Sterile Water For Injection (SWFI) into the syringe. Invert the vial, insert the needle through the stopper, and gradually inject the SWFI into the vial.
  3. Agitate the vial upright prior to injection : Vigorously shake the vial by hand or use a single vial swirling agitator for approximately 1 minute to dissolve the excipients. Examine the vial for any undissolved lumps and, if necessary, continue shaking until they are dissolved.
  4. Mix with Sterile Water For Injection(SWFI) : Immediately before treatment, cleanse the rubber cap of Proluma. Introduce 2cc of Lidocaine and then fill with the diluted solution using an 18G needle. It is important not to store the solution within the syringe for an extended period.
  5. Withdrawing the suspension : Sanitize the stopper of the vial, then use an 18G single-use, sterile syringe, either 1 or 3-mL, to withdraw the suspension.
  6. Switching to a 25G or 26G needle : Before proceeding with the injection, replace the needle with a sterile 25G or 26G needle.


Application Areas: Inject into the deep dermis layer, where this method actively stimulates collagen production more effectively than conventional fillers

  • Primary Target : Dry, thin skin with fine wrinkles
  • Secondary Target : Nasolabial folds


Main Ingredients: 

  • Polylactic acid (PDLLA – Poly D, L Lactyd)
  • CMC (Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose)


Packing Unit: 

  • 200mg/vial
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9 reviews for Proluma 200mg

  1. Holly

    Say hello to skin that’s as smooth as silk. It’s made with materials that won’t stick around in your body, which means it’s safe and effective. Plus, it’s super fast-acting, so you’ll be seeing results in no time!

  2. Terence

    The results are so natural-looking, and it’s all thanks to the unique material they use. My skin has never looked better!

  3. Peyton

    Can’t recommend Proluma enough! Genese Labs France really nailed it with this one. it’s so gentle on the skin . I’ve noticed a real differance in my skin’s texture and appearance. Love it!

  4. Jessieca

    I’ve been using Proluma recently. it’s a game-changer! This collagen stimulator is like a magic wand for your skin. The particles go in smoothly and give you this natural, refreshed look. Plus it’s made with eco friendly stuff, so no worries about it hanging around in your body. Defnitely my go-to for skin rejuvenation!

  5. Laura

    Usiing Proluma filler for a while now, and I’m obsessed. The spherical particles make for such a smooth injection, and the material is top-notch. It’s long-lasting and gives my skin this natural refreshed look. Definitely recommend!

  6. Brittany

    Just tried out Proluma and it’s seriously impressive! The injection process was smooth, and the results are fantastic. What I love most is that it’s made with this new material that’s eco-friendly, so it’s good for my skin and the planet.

  7. Wendarlene

    Proluma is my new favorite secret to younger looking skin. The injection process was a breeze, and the results speak for themselves. thrilled with how my skin looks!

  8. Ariel

    After trying out Proluma im seriously impressed. It is not like your typical plla . The particles are designed to dissolve faster, which means you see results quicker. And the injection so much smoother thanks to the uniform particle size. my skin feel so much more youthful and radiant

  9. Elvira

    “Proluma is like a skin superhero! that’s all about giving your skin a fresh lease on life. Unlike Aesthefill, this one’s got perfectly round particles that need less oomph to inject. That means a smoother, more comfortable experience for you

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