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Lemonbottle presents a cutting-edge lipolysis solution for both face and body. This high-potency fat-dissolving solution combines Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and other premium constituents to stimulate fat breakdown by accelerating the metabolism of fat cells. With minimal swelling and discomfort, Lemon Bottle starts its action immediately upon application.

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Main Efficiencies

• Riboflavin boosts metabolic activation
• Facilitates the separation and expulsion of fat cells
• Rapid lipase activity and alleviation of inflammation

Application Areas:

Recommendations for FACE:

• For individuals concerned about a larger•looking face
• For those experiencing a loss of elasticity in their facial lines
• To rectify facial asymmetry
• For those struggling with a double chin
• For individuals troubled by prominent cheekbones
• For those who haven’t seen significant results from existing facial contouring methods

Recommendations for BODY:
• For those who find liposuction uncomfortable
• When dieting doesn’t bring about desired results
• For those seeking quick weight loss in a short span of time
• If you aim to address localized fat in a specific area
• For those who haven’t benefited from existing obesity treatments

Main Ingredients:

  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2),
  • Lecithin, Bromelain


Packing Units

  • 10ml x 5vials/box
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6 reviews for Lemonbottle

  1. Frankie

    Lemonbottle was my last resort after various facial contouring methods didn’t work for me. I’m so glad I gave it a shot. My face has slimmed down, and the procedure was quick with minimal discomfort.

  2. Joffrey

    I used Lemonbottle for my love handles and saw a good reduction in fat. However, I bruised quite a bit, and the areas were tender for almost a week. The results are noticeable, but the bruising and pain were more than I anticipated.

  3. Chelsea

    After years of unsuccessful dieting and fearing the invasiveness of liposuction, I turned to Lemonbottle. I’m satisfied with the results. The targeted treatment on my abdomen has reduced fat in just the areas I was concerned about without any major surgery.

  4. Brianna

    I was really concerned about my increasingly round-looking face and tried Lemon Bottle on a friend’s recommendation. The treatment not only reduced my double chin but also helped with my facial asymmetry.

  5. Emily

    I’m happy with the fat reduction achieved but I was surprised by the discomfort during the procedure.

  6. Michelle

    The effects were almost immediate. But it is quite pricey compared to other products.

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