Lipo Lab V-Line


Lipo Lab V Line Premium is an excellent solution for those seeking to dissolve fat quickly and effectively. This innovative product is capable of redefining your facial contours by breaking down fat cells and promoting hydration, which in turn keeps your skin moisturized. The results are both rapid and long-lasting, providing you with a remarkable transformation. Discover the magic of Lipo Lab V Line Premium and achieve the facial appearance you desire.

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Main Efficiencies

• Achieve visible results after just two sessions
• Results are long-lasting and stable
• Specifically targets fat reduction in areas such as double chin, under the ears, sagging tongue, and cheeks
• Contains potent ingredients for an extra lifting effect

Application Areas:

• Face slimming
• Face elasticity improvement
• Hydration effect

How to Use:

• The product is ready to use. It doesn’t need to mix with other solutions.
• 1 bottle can be used for 5 people, and inject maximum 2cc for full face.
• Injection depth 5mm,Injection amount 0.1~0.2cc, Injection interval 1cm.
• It shows the result after 1st treatment, but if side effects occur, additional injection could be done.
• Treatment interval would be 3 days.

Main Ingredients:

  • Water, horse chestnut extract, Tyrosine, L-carnitine, walnut seed extract, thermophilic

Packing Units

  • 10ml x 5 vials/box
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