Delgada Contouring Serum is a powerful remedy for surplus fat accumulation. Its primary active ingredient, bile acid, encourages localized reduction in size without considerable downtime or adverse effects. Being steroid-free, Delgada is safe for both facial and body usage, and the results it delivers can be enduring.

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Main Efficiencies

• Targets and dismantles fat cells
• No recovery time required
• Free from steroids
• No rebound weight gain (“yo-yo” effect)

Application Areas:

• Double chin
• Abdomen
• Love handles
• Inner thighs
• Shoulder
• Upper arms
• Buttock
• Other thighs.

How to Use:

• Best used with a 30g device of at least 4mm for facial areas and up to 13mm for body areas (shorten using a Stopper)
• For administration into the subcutaneous fatty tissue layer using a point-by-point technique, 1.5-2cm apart
• Do not exceed a maximum of 2 x 8ml (16ml total) per session
• It’s recommended to massage the area manually or optionally, with an electronic massaging device to distribute the product
• Sessions: at least one week apart. Depending on individual requirements, up to 5 sessions may be needed

Main Ingredients:

  • Deoxycholic Acid


Packing Units

  • 8ml x 5vial/box
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