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At the heart of Citrus Bottle’s remarkable formula is a potent blend of key ingredients, including Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Lecithin, and Bromelain. This unique concoction is engineered to significantly enhance the metabolism of fat cells and accelerate lipolysis, the process of fat cell breakdown. In the quest for a healthier, more vibrant you, the Citrus Bottle emerges as a groundbreaking solution, revolutionizing the approach to managing stubborn fat cells. Crafted with a pioneering spirit, the Citrus Bottle stands at the forefront of fat cell metabolism technology, offering a premium, high-concentration solution that is unrivaled in both efficacy and quality.

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Main Efficiencies

• Metabolic Activation with Riboflavin
• Isolation and Removal of Fat Cells
• Quick Lipase Activity and Reduced Inflammation
• Skin Health Improvement

Application Areas:

Recommendations for FACE:

• Poor facial lines due to lost elasticity
• Facial asymmetry correction
• Thick double chin
• Large cheekbones

Recommendations for BODY:
• For those who find liposuction uncomfortable
• When dieting doesn’t bring about desired results
• For those seeking quick weight loss in a short span of time
• If you aim to address localized fat in a specific area
• For those who haven’t benefited from existing obesity treatments

Main Ingredients:

  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
  • Lecithin
  • Bromelain


Packing Units

  • 10ml x 5vials/box
27 reviews
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27 reviews for Citrus Bottle

  1. Maya

    I’ve applied it to my mid-face area, and the fuller parts have slimmed down, enhancing my facial features beautifully. I look and feel years younger!

  2. Shelby

    I used this stuff on my cheeks to slim them down a bit. Didn’t see much at first and was kinda bummed, not gonna lie. Stuck with it though, and after a few weeks, there’s definitely a difference. Just wish it worked faster!

  3. Claudia

    I’ve been using Citrus Bottle for a month now, and while I had to be patient, the results are starting to show. It’s a high-quality product that seems to accelerate fat breakdown as promised.

  4. Sunny

    I was hesitant to try anything on my face, but I’m glad I gave Citrus Bottle a shot. It gently reduced the excess fat around my cheeks, giving me a more youthful and rested appearance. Minimal side effects and the ease of use make it worth recommending.

  5. Millie

    This product has transformed my upper arms, which have always been a problem area for me. Though I had slight discomfort after using it, my arms look much leaner and toned now.

  6. Tesia

    Citrus Bottle has helped slim down my cheeks, which always felt a bit too chubby for my liking. After a few weeks of use, my face has a more sculpted look. There’s a slight discomfort during application, but it’s quick and worth the results.

  7. Minnie

    My doctor recommended this product after a personal assessment, and she really understands what I need. The Citrus Bottle has significantly improved my stubborn fat issues!

  8. Rae

    So, I went for it on my neck and under my chin, and yes, it works. Had a slight headache but that’s nothing compared to how much slimmer my face looks now.

  9. Colton

    I used Citrus Bottle on my abdomen, and the results have been incredible. I noticed a significant reduction in fat after just a few sessions!

  10. May

    This product is fantastic for anyone looking to redefine their jawline. I applied it to my chin area, and the difference is noticeable.

  11. Emilia

    Citrus Bottle works well in dissolving fat, especially around my belly and thighs. However, I experienced mild nausea initially, which was a bit off-putting. It’s important to follow the usage instructions closely. The results are good, but be mindful of how your body reacts.

  12. Emma

    I used Citrus Bottle to refine the contours of my lower face, particularly to reduce excess fat around my jawline. The treatment not only achieved that but also gave me a noticeable lift effect. It’s amazing to see such transformation without any surgical method.

  13. Riley

    This fat dissolver helped me reduce the appearance of my double chin. The results are pretty good, and I feel more confident. However, the cost of the product is on the higher side compared to other treatments I’ve considered. It’s good, but I wish it were more affordable.

  14. Auburn

    Just wow! I tried this fat dissolver on my jawline because I really wanted that sharp look, and it totally delivered. I had a bit of puffiness for a day or two, but no biggie. Now, my jawline is popping, and I am all about selfies!

  15. Valentina

    Citrus Bottle has completely changed my approach to managing stubborn fat. I’ve noticed significant changes in areas that were resistant to diet and exercise. The product is easy to use, and I started seeing results within just a few weeks. It feels like it truly enhances fat metabolism more efficiently than anything else I’ve tried.

  16. Whitney

    This product is amazing! I used it on my lower face, and now all my friends keep asking if I’ve lost weight. Little do they know!

  17. Jane

    Great product with great result

  18. Dolly

    This product did an excellent job reducing my lower back fat. I’ve definitely lost inches, and my clothes fit better now. The only downside was the itchiness and discomfort for a few days after each treatment. Still, seeing such positive changes makes these minor issues manageable.

  19. Marisa

    If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to adjust your facial contours, this is a great product. It slowly but surely works to reduce fat around the face. Just be consistent and give it time to work. The only downside is a slight tingling sensation during use.

  20. Angela

    I underwent Citrus Bottle for my double chin, and while I eventually saw a reduction, the results weren’t as immediate as I expected. Patience is key, as it took several weeks before I noticed any real change.

  21. Cynthia

    It really did a great job though I experienced some bruising, and I’ve had no appetite for three days.

  22. Jesse

    I turned to this product for help with my flanks, and I wasn’t disappointed. Each session led to progressive improvement. I experienced some nausea and a loss of appetite, but both were manageable. It’s a great solution for reducing unwanted fat with minimal hassle.

  23. Amber

    I used this product on my cheeks, hoping for a dramatic reduction in facial fat. While I have noticed some improvement, the changes aren’t as pronounced as I hoped. It’s a good product if you’re patient and not looking for quick fixes.

  24. Mila

    If you’re struggling with persistent fat, this might be the product for you. Citrus Bottle has helped me target areas that seemed unaffected by my regular workouts. I’ve noticed a definite reduction in my waistline.

  25. Martha

    I used Citrus Bottle to reduce fat under my chin. It took several treatments and a bit of patience to see the final results, but I’m pleased. There was some swelling and discomfort after each session, however, the area is noticeably slimmer now.

  26. Marisol

    I tried this on a recommendation and was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked on my lower back fat. The application process was easy, and while I did experience a bit of itching afterward, the discomfort was manageable. The results have definitely encouraged me to continue using it.

  27. Vicky

    While the results took longer to show than I expected, I’m really happy with how much slimmer my thighs look now. Citrus Bottle works slowly but surely, and the minimal side effects make it a worthwhile option for anyone looking to target specific problem areas.

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