Premium PPC.C


Premium PPC-C is a lipolytic solution designed for the local reduction of subcutaneous fat. It is an improved version of the traditional PPC-C solution and contains not only phosphatidylcholine (PC) but also deoxycholate (DC) which enhances the lipolytic effect of PC. In addition to the direct lipolytic activity of PC, DC is known for disrupting adipocyte membranes, thereby further enhancing the product’s effectiveness.

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Main Efficiencies

• Provides a minimally-invasive alternative to surgical fat removal procedures such as liposuction
• Effectively targets local obesity in areas resistant to physical activity
• Ideal solution for local fat removal, as well as face and body contour correction
• Can be used as a supportive therapy to surgical liposuction procedures
• Stimulates cell regeneration and enhances skin elasticity and texture
• Helps eliminate cellulite
• Painless procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia
• High-purity and sterile medical-grade product
• KFDA-approved for safety and efficacy

Application Areas:

• Face and neck: double chin correction, neck fat reduction, chin contour correction
• Waist area (belly, love handle, back)
• Legs (gluteal fold, inner and outer thighs, back thigh)
• Arms (armpits and inner upper arm areas)
• Reduction of cellulitis

How to Use:

• For larger surface area (0.4-0.6 ml / every 1.5 cm)
• For smaller surface area (0.2-0.5 ml / every1.0 cm)
• Injection depth:
1. Skin character alteration (6-8 mm)
2. Lipolysis (first treatment) (10-13 mm)
3. Lipolysis (second treatment) (6 mm)

Main Ingredients:

  • PPC (Phosphatidyl Choline), Sodium deoxycholate


Packing Units

  • 10ml x 5 vials/box

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