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Kabelline Fat Reduction Solution is an FDA-approved product used for contouring and improving the appearance of moderate to severe fat on the body. The product contains synthetic deoxycholic acid as its active ingredient.

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Main Efficiencies

• Facilitates breakdown of fat cells effectively
• Provides natural and long-lasting results
• Free from harmful side effects, severe pain, or lengthy recovery periods

Application Areas:

• Double chin
• Upper arms
• Back
• Abdominal region, ribs (love handles)
• Hips
• Thighs

How to Use:

Always shake vials well before use

• Injection volume for face – 2ml
• Injection volume for body – 4-8ml
• Injection depth – Subcutaneous layer
• Recommended needle size – 30G
• Maximum dosage – Up to 16ml (2 ampoules) per session
• Number of treatments – 3-6 sessions in total at 1 week intervals
• Kabelline can also be applied to the face using mesotherapy.

Main Ingredients:

  • Water, Deoxycholic Acid, L-Carnitine Hydrochloride.


Packing Units

  • 8ml x 5 vials/box
13 reviews
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13 reviews for Kabelline

  1. Keira

    Used half a vial on the double chin and the rest on my bra fat. I reckon it’s doing something, but gotta give it more time to be sure.

  2. Taylor

    Grabbed two boxes, but didn’t notice any improvements, unlike with Dr. Lipo.

  3. Quinn

    Another fave of mine! My stubborn thigh fat is actually disappearing, and it’s pushing me to hit the workouts even harder. Super thankful for this product—I might just rock a bikini without the annoying thigh rub soon!

  4. Willow

    Super easy to use, no burning or swelling for me. Worked immediately—saw results the very next day. Definitely would buy again

  5. Serenity

    This one works the best out of all the ones I’ve tried. The others are alright, but this is hands down the most effective.

  6. Parker

    Noticing a few small results after the second treatment. Gonna need a few more rounds, but stoked to see it’s doing the trick. No stinging or burning with Kabelline, which is a plus!

  7. Esme

    First time giving Kabelline a shot, and now I’m onto my second box a couple of months later. Knocked out 2 rounds on different parts of the body (tummy and chin). Only seeing minimal results for now, but staying hopeful!

  8. Autumn

    Works like a charm!! I switch between this one and Lipo Lab, and they’ve both been doing wonders for me under the chin, belly, and sides. But this is slightly better tho

  9. Isla

    I’ve only done two rounds of Kabelline, so it’s probably too early to see results. No burning, and no issues afterward. I slapped on some numbing cream for the face and neck, but it doesn’t seem necessary for the body.

  10. Taylor

    I’m sticking with Kabelline because it works well for me. I’ve tried many fat dissolvers without success in losing weight. It’s important to find a product that suits you, as different products yield different results for different people.

  11. Miranda

    Out of all the fat-dissolving products I’ve tried, Kabeline is my favorite.

  12. Mary

    I’ve been using Kebelline for my love handles, and I’ve definitely seen a reduction. It wasn’t a drastic change, but it was enough to make me feel better in my clothes. The treatment does cause some initial discomfort, but it’s nothing too severe and resolves within a few days.

  13. Margaret

    I decided to try Kabelline for my stubborn fat around the abdomen. The procedure was straightforward, and I didn’t experience much discomfort. After a few weeks, I noticed a significant reduction in the fat in that area. I did have some minor swelling and redness for a few days post-treatment, but I’m pleased with the results and would consider using it again.

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