Saline 20ml


Isotonic Sodium Chloride, commonly known as Saline, refers to a solution that has the same concentration of salt as bodily fluids. It is made by dissolving a precise amount of sodium chloride (salt) in sterile water. This solution closely mimics the salt concentration found in our cells and tissues, making it compatible with the human body. Isotonic Sodium Chloride (Saline) is frequently used in medical settings for various purposes, such as intravenous fluid replacement, wound cleansing, and nasal irrigation.

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Main Efficiencies

  • Suitable for dissolving products
  • Serves as a temporary replacement for fluids
  • Can be employed as an eyewash solution
  • Efficient in cleaning wounds


Main Ingredients:

  • Sodium chloride and water


Packing Units

  • 180mg/20ml
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