NEO Cog Cannula


Neo Cog Thread (Bi-Directional / Cannula) PDO is a polydioxanone threads on cannula with bi-directional barbs used for the thread lifting of face, elimination of fine lines and management of skin sagginess. Cog Thread (Bi-Directional / Cannula) threads is a model of threads on cannula with bi-directional barbs for the management of skin sagginess.

Types example :

Model CodeNeedle SizeNeedle LengthThreads LengthUSP

Application Area
– Elimination of fine lines and wrinkles on the face
– Boosting of collagen production
– Management of skin sagging in the cheeks, chin and jaw line areas
– Restoration of skin elasticity

Packing Unit
20pcs Per Pack

NEO Cog Cannula

C18100B-C 18G 100mm 140mm 2, C19100B-C 19G 100mm 140mm 1

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