DeneB 10ml with Lidocaine

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DeneB Classic-H with Lido and DeneB Classic-S with Lido are hyaluronic acid-based body fillers produced by BioPlus Co. using MDM technology. The technology ensures long-lasting results and effective body contouring for patients of various ages. These fillers can last up to 16 months with minimal adverse reactions, and do not contain any harsh chemicals.


DeneB Classic-H and DeneB Classic-S show a natural opportunity without the use of implants, autologous fat injections, or surgical procedures. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human skin that plays an important tole in health. It is not delivered from animals, so there is no risk or danger of allergic reactions or disease transfer

Application Areas:

DeneB S (Soft):
• Buttocks enlargements
• Non-surgical breast augmentation

DeneB H (Hard):
• Buttocks enlargement
• Calf shape correction
• Body contouring
• Hips sculpting

Main Ingredients

  • HA(hyaluronic acid): 20mg/ml with 0.3 lidocaine


Packing Unit

  • 10ml x 1syringe

Classic-S, Classic-H

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1 review for DeneB 10ml with Lidocaine

  1. CT

    Grabbed this to work on my jawline, but ran into a bit of trouble – it’s thicker than expected. Still, it does the job like a champ. Now, I’ve got a jawline for the first time in my life!

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