Dermalax Implant


Dermalax Implant Plus is a highly sought-after dermal filler known for its exceptional durability, stability, and remarkable results. This Korean filler stands out from the competition, providing temporary cosmetic rejuvenation that lasts longer than other HA-based filler implants. Apart from its superior performance, customers and professionals can conveniently purchase Dermalax Implant Plus from Korea Filler Experts, taking advantage of its outstanding reputation.

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Dermalax Implant Plus: Dermalax Implant Plus provides natural-looking results, characterized by balanced volume and smooth lines, just like other options from this product range. Its Monophasic Blob Structure ensures even distribution of the injectable gel in the skin, limiting its movement in the dermis and eliminating the risk of migration. The effects of the treatment will remain visible for up to 12 months, with no change in the position of the gel implant during that time.

Application Area:

• Zero gel migration
• Natural volume
• Stable, highly cross-linked structure
• Has Hyaluronic Acid as its main ingredient (naturally found in the human body)

Main Ingredients:

  • HA(hyaluronic acid): 24mg/ml with lido 0.3%


Packing Unit:

  • 2 x 1.1ml prefilled syringe
  • 4 x needles

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