Etrebelle 200mg


Etrebelle by Yooyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a brand of injectable fillers designed to address issues such as volumization, wrinkle reduction, and acne management. The product line includes Etrebelle 50 and Etrebelle 200, which differ in their concentration of constituents and intended use for specific cosmetic concerns. One of the key features of the series is the optimal combination of two highly-molecular acids: hyaluronic and poly-lactic acid. This combination effectively fills wrinkles, replenishes lost volume, stimulates collagen synthesis by fibroblasts, and promotes skin renewal.

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• Promotes flattering of both fine marionette lines and deep folds
• Possesses low crystalline structure that is suitable for volumerization and skin recovery at most
• Can be used for non-surgical correction of nose and chin shape
• Exerts optimal viscosity and does not migrate from injection area
• Provides evident effects even one week after the procedures
• The procedure is almost painless since it is accompanied with lidocaine

Application Areas:

• Facial wrinkles and folds
• Fill lost volume
• Facial lipoatrophy
• Facial contour deformities
• Hand and Neck enhancement
• Scar Refinement

Main Ingredients: 

  • Product composition: poly lactic acid (170 mg), hyaluronic acid (30 mg)


Packing Unit: 

  • 200mg/vial
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