JBP Nano Cannula


JBP’s Nano Cannulas are engineered to lessen patient discomfort, reduce the occurrence of hematomas, and decrease swelling. Their flexible design with a blunt tip ensures a smooth glide beneath the skin, preventing trauma. The innovative Micron Sharpness manufacturing technique produces an ultra-fine wall cannula, enabling the injection of thicker solutions through a tinier opening, which further reduces pain and bleeding. The objective is to decrease the surface area, ensuring minimal soft tissue disturbance and resulting in happier patients.


Main Efficiencies

  • Less downtime and less internal bleeding
  • Less stress without pain
  • Less downtime and less internal bleeding
  • Thin walled cannula with wide inner diameter helps inject with less resistance.
  • The cutting edge of cannula hole is micro-polished with special technology
  • Each Punching needle is designed for less pain and damage to skin tissues


Packing Units

  • 4pcs
JBP Nano Cannula

21G 50mm, 21G 70mm, 22G 50mm, 22G 70mm, 23G 50mm, 23G 70mm, 25G 40mm, 25G 50mm, 25G 70mm, 27G 40mm, 27G 50mm, 30G 25mm

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