NEO Double Needle Combi (360-Multi: Premium Needle)


Neo Double Needle Thread PDO is a polydioxanone threads on two needles used for the thread lifting of face and neck. Polydioxanone (PDO) is a flexible polymer, which remains intact in the injection point up to 6 months. Threads created based on PDO exhibit multiple effects: their subcutaneous injection initiates skin self-regeneration by increasing collagen synthesis and improving blood microcirculation. As a result of the application of polydioxanone threads the significant lifting effect is observed accompanied by wrinkles elimination, small skin imperfections diminishment, as well as elasticity improvement.

Types example :

Model CodeNeedle SizeNeedle LengthThreads LengthUSP

Application Area
– Elimination of double chin
– Forehead wrinkles correction
– Restoration of skin turgor in the eyebrows area
– Facial contour correction along the jaw line
– Wrinkle removal in the neck area
– Correction of chest and buttocks shape
– Arm shape correction

Packing Unit
1pcs Per Pack

D Ndle Combi (360-M: Pr Nle)

D19110L 19G 110mm 440mm 2-0, D19110S 19G 110mm 290mm 2-0

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