NEO Nose Cog Cannula (One-Directional: L-Type)


Neo Nose Cog Thread (L-Type Cannula) PDO is a polydioxanone threads with barbs used for the non-surgical correction of nose shape. Nose Cog Thread (L-Type Cannula) threads is a model of threads with barbs for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Types example :

Model CodeNeedle SizeNeedle LengthThreads LengthUSP

Application Area
– Elevation/dislocation of the nasal ridge
– Nasal base diminution
– Elevation of the nasal tip

Packing Unit
10pcs Per Pack

Nose Cog Cannula(One-D: L-Type)

C1938-C 19G 38mm 50mm 2, C1950-C 19G 50mm 80mm 2

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