Tesoro products are known for their safety due to a rigorous 3-phase purification process of the hyaluronic acid used. With a stabilized hyaluronic acid base containing 20mg of HA, Tesoro is highly effective in reducing signs of aging. The concentration of HA in Tesoro products helps to prevent allergic reactions and minimize both side effects and residual proteins. Additionally, Tesoro products are formulated with lidocaine for a painless and comfortable treatment experience.


Tesoro Fine and Tesoro Fine Lidocaine are designed to provide a slight increase in volume to the lips, achieving a “kissed lips” look, as well as correcting superficial wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and hands.

Application Areas:

• Superficial wrinkles “pouch”
• Puppet wrinkles
• Hands
• Nasolacrimal grooves

Tesoro Deep and Tesoro Deep Lidocaine are intended to provide a significant increase in volume, creating a “push up” effect for the lips, correcting nasolabial folds, and addressing moderate to deep wrinkles and folds.

Application Areas:

• Nasolabial fold
• Lips
• Palpebromar groove
• Bio reinforcement for scar correction

Tesoro Sub-Q and Tesoro Sub-Q Lidocaine are used for correcting moderate to deep wrinkles and folds, with a significant increase in volume, resulting in a “lifted up” lip appearance.

Application Areas:

• Zygomatic zone
• Chin zone
• Temporal zone
• Zones of superciliary arches
• Dorsum of the nose

Tesoro Implant with Lidocaine is designed for non-surgical facial contouring and remodeling, including injection rhinoplasty and correction of cheekbones, chin, and jawline angle shape. The filler’s viscous texture helps prevent migration from the injection site and provides long-lasting shape retention after administration.

Application Areas:

• Zygomatic zone
• Chin
• Face oval

Main Ingredients:

  • 20mg/ml with lido 0.3%
  • 20mg/ml
  • 24mg/ml with lido 0.3% (Implant)


Packing Unit:

  • 1 x 1.1ml prefilled syringe
  • 2 x needles

Fine, Fine Lidocaine, Deep, Deep Lidocaine, Sub-Q, Sub-Q Lidocaine, Implant

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