Neuramis Fillers: Improving Facial Aesthetics with Precision

Are you ready to open the doors of a new era in medical facial aesthetics to give your patients a younger and natural appearance? Neuramis fillers aim to add value to your aesthetic applications with its advanced technology and superior formulation! 

Neuramis filling products, which offer innovative and effective solutions in medical facial aesthetics, provide natural and long-lasting results by prioritising patient satisfaction. In this article, we examine the prominent aspects of Neuramis fillers in detail and scrutinise every stage from application techniques to the results obtained. Let’s discover together the effective and permanent solutions that you can safely offer to your patients with Neuramis

1. Detailed Review of Neuramis Fillers

The most important features of Neuramis fillers are that they contain high purity hyaluronic acid and provide long-lasting permanence with their cross-linked structure. At the same time, these fillers offer a reliable application thanks to their biological compatibility with human tissues. Thanks to these features, Neuramis fillers provide a natural appearance and maintain their effect for a long time. 

Neuramis fillers consist of hyaluronic acid-based products that can be safely used even in sensitive procedures in medical facial aesthetics. Neuramis offers specific solutions for different needs with different filler types. Here are the types of Neuramis fillers you can choose to use in your different medical aesthetic procedures: 

1.1. Neuramis Light Lidocaine

Neuramis Light Lidocaine is known to be specially designed to moisturise the skin by removing fine wrinkles in the facial area. This product provides fast and effective results in moisturising the skin surface and treating fine lines. It is especially preferred for the removal of light lines and wrinkles on the face.

1.2. Neuramis Lidocaine

Neuramis Lidocaine offers an excellent option for smoothing wrinkles and lines in sensitive facial areas. This filler, which can maintain its effect for up to nine months, also reduces the feeling of pain thanks to its lidocaine content. Its main areas of use are filling medium and deep wrinkles and facial contouring procedures.

1.3. Neuramis Deep

Neuramis Deep is known as a hyaluronic acid-based filler developed to remove deep wrinkles on the face and add volume to the lips. Neuramis Deep filler is frequently used especially for lips. This product is also one of the most preferred filler types in procedures for the removal of deep wrinkles.

1.4. Neuramis Deep Lidocaine

Neuramis Deep Lidocaine offers an ideal solution for correcting both medium and deep wrinkles. Neuramis offers a comfortable procedure experience by reducing pain during application with its lidocaine content. Providing permanence for up to nine months is an important advantage. Neuramis Deep lidocaine filler is especially preferred for the correction of deep wrinkles around the nasolabial, forehead, middle of the eyebrows and lips and for facial contouring.

1.5. Neuramis Volume Lidocaine

Neuramis Volume Lidocaine is used in procedures to restore the former volume and vitality of the face. Its effects last for at least six months. The main areas of use of Neuramis Volume lidocaine filler are filling medium and deep wrinkles and facial contouring procedures.

2. The Best Techniques for The Application of Neuramis

It is of great importance to use the correct application techniques in order to get the highest efficiency from the effects of Neuramis fillers. Neuramis fillers are injected precisely with fine-tipped needles, providing a fullness in accordance with the natural structure of the skin. During this application, patient comfort is increased by using micro-cannula techniques and unwanted effects such as bruising are minimised. 

It is very easy to achieve natural and aesthetic results in your patients by using the necessary techniques in the application of Neuramis fillers. As a first step, you need to analyse the patient’s face and determine which areas will be filled. Then, you can start the filling process by ensuring the patient’s comfort. Using fine-tipped needles or micro-cannulas, you can inject the filler material precisely into the desired areas. 

3. Effects of Neuramis Application: Before and After

Neuramis fillers provide visible results in a short time. After the application, patients instantly have a younger and more vibrant appearance. Before and after comparisons of medical aesthetic procedures performed with Neuramis clearly reveal the effect of these fillers. Of course, it is necessary to examine some real patient samples to understand the effects of Neuramis fillers.

For example; A patient with Neuramis Deep lip filler has thin and volumeless lips before the application, but after the application, she instantly gets full and attractive lips. Likewise, a patient whose deep wrinkles are removed with Neuramis Volume filler has an old and tired appearance before the application, but after the application, she gets a much younger and dynamic appearance on her face. These results clearly demonstrate the effect and quality of Neuramis fillers.

4. Maintaining Results After Neuramis Treatment

Although the effect of Neuramis fillers is long-lasting, some care recommendations should be considered to maintain the permanence of the results. Here are the care recommendations you can recommend to your patients after the procedure:

  • Heavy physical activities should be avoided for the first few days and no pressure should be applied to the area where the filler is applied.
  • Regular use of moisturiser and sunscreen should be considered.
  • Permanence should be supported with periodic checks and small touches if necessary.
  • Extremely hot environments should be avoided for a few days after the application.

These measures ensure that the filler settles and the desired results are achieved. In addition, regular skin care also supports the fillers to maintain their effect for a long time.

Each application you will make with Neuramis will give your patients a younger, more vibrant and natural appearance, while revealing your professional success and expertise. In addition to Neuramis fillers, there are other hyaluronic acid-based filler options that will make it easier for you to work wonders in medical aesthetics. Fillers such as Edel X, Revolax, Replengen, Elasty, Monalisa and Rejeunesse offer effective solutions for various needs. Each filler brand has its own unique features and advantages. It is possible to achieve admirable results by choosing the most suitable product for the specific needs of your patients among these products.

You can start exploring the filler types of the brand on the Neuramis Filler page with the privileges of Korean Filler Experts to make your patients’ dreams come true and contribute to their beauty!


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