Ammi, through the use of Nano Mesh Cross-linking (NMC) technology, is a product that enhances natural beauty by addressing three key components of beautiful skin: collagen for firmness, elastin for elasticity, and hyaluronic acid (HA) for regeneration. Its ultra-fine particles can be safely and effectively applied to any area of the face, and the solid structure of the product’s molecules ensures long-lasting effects. By filling the skin with HA, Ammi offers versatile benefits for achieving beautiful skin.

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Ammi Crystal: Ammi Crystal is a dermal filler that is primarily composed of hyaluronic acid. As the densest filler in its series, it contains large particles that can effectively replenish lost skin tissues in various areas of the face. Thanks to its production through Nano Mesh Cross-linking (NMC) technology, Ammi Crystal can safely enhance the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Additionally, the fluid nature of the product results in minimal discomfort during administration.

Application Area:

• Volumetric modeling (cheekbones, cheeks, chin)
• Correction of nasolabial folds, medium, and deep wrinkles.
• Face contour correction

Ammi Aqua: Ammi Aqua is a dermal filler that utilizes hyaluronic acid and has a medium viscosity. Its ultra-fine particles offer versatility and can be applied to any area of the face. Through innovative technology, extremely small molecules are produced that can easily penetrate the skin without causing significant discomfort. Additionally, the fluid nature of the product means that administering it is generally quite comfortable. One of the standout benefits of Ammi Aqua is that it delivers superior hydration when compared to other dermal fillers.

• Lips augmentation
• Correction of wrinkles in the forehead
• Face shape correction in the area of ​​the cheekbones and cheeks
• Correction of marionette lines,
• Correction of nasolabial folds

Ammi Hydro: Ammi Hydro is a dermal filler that relies on hyaluronic acid and has a light viscosity. This product is designed to provide painless procedures, thanks to the inclusion of lidocaine. It is an excellent choice for individuals who are starting to see the first signs of aging and wish to rejuvenate their skin.

• Correction of forehead wrinkles
• Correction of nasolabial folds
• Lip augmentation
• Correction of fine lines and wrinkles


Main Ingredients:

20mg/ml with lido 0.3%


Packing Unit:

– 1 x 1ml prefilled syringe
– 2 x needles


Crystal, Aqua, Hydro

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