NEO Combi Cog Cannula (360-Multi: Premium U-Type)


Neo Combi Thread (Multi-Directional/Cannula) PDO are polydioxanone threads on cannula with multidirectional barbs designed for skin lifting at the muscular level. Combi threads is a model of thin threads with deep multi-directional barbs for a skin lifting on a muscular level.

Types example :

Model CodeNeedle SizeNeedle LengthThreads LengthUSP

Application Area
– Body contouring
– Elimination of double chin
– Enhanced collagen production
– Skin elasticity improvement
– Elimination of loss of facial skin turgor
– Restoration of the distinct facial oval

Packing Unit
20pcs Per Pack

Combi Cog C (360-M: P U-Tpe)

B2160-C 21G 60mm 90mm 2-0, B2190-C 21G 90mm 150mm 2-0, B2338-C 23G 38mm 50mm 3-0, B2360-C 23G 60mm 90mm 3-0, B2390-C 23G 90mm 150mm 3-0

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