P198 ExoHealer Filcore HB Plus


Exohealer HP Plus represents the pinnacle of our therapeutic gel range, offering a high-potency formula designed for maximum effectiveness. This powerful gel is tailored for individuals facing significant pain and inflammation, providing rapid and long-lasting relief. With its concentrated mix of natural extracts and potent anti-inflammatory agents, Exohealer HP Plus ensures deep penetration and efficient symptom alleviation. Perfect for severe arthritis, intense muscle pain, and other debilitating conditions, this gel helps restore mobility and comfort. Rely on Exohealer HP Plus for the most demanding pain management needs and experience the highest standard of care.

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Purpose: Exohealer HP Plus is a high-potency gel designed for individuals experiencing significant pain and inflammation. This advanced formula provides rapid and long-lasting relief, making it ideal for severe arthritis, intense muscle pain, and other debilitating conditions.

Main Ingredients:

  • USC1994-CM Umbillcal cord blood stem cell conditioned media 990,000ppm
  • 5 kinds of functional reinforced growth factors (EGF / VEGF / IGF / KGF / Noggin)


Packing Unit: 

  • 2ml + 5ml x 5 pairs
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