P198 ExoHealer Filcore Activating Solution


The Exohealer Activating Solution is a vital component of our therapeutic regimen, designed to enhance the performance of our other Exohealer products. This innovative solution prepares the skin for optimal absorption, ensuring that the active ingredients in Exohealer SB, SB Plus, and HP Plus penetrate deeply and act more effectively. By improving skin permeability and acting as a catalyst, the Activating Solution maximizes the therapeutic benefits of our gels. It’s easy to apply and quickly absorbed, making it a seamless addition to your pain relief routine. Unlock the full potential of your Exohealer products with our Activating Solution and experience unparalleled healing and recovery.

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Purpose: The Exohealer Activating Solution is designed to enhance the effectiveness of other Exohealer products. It prepares the skin for better absorption, ensuring that the active ingredients in the therapeutic gels penetrate deeply and work more effectively.

Main Ingredients:

  • 22 Amino Acids
  • 13 Vitamin
  • 7 peptides
  • 4 Antioxidant
  • SOD Antioxidant Enzymes
  • Hyaluronic Acid


Packing Unit: 

  • 5ml x 10vials
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