P198 ExoHealer Filcore SB Plus


Building on the success of our original formula, Exohealer SB Plus offers an enhanced therapeutic experience with a more potent blend of active ingredients. This advanced gel is specifically formulated for those who require stronger and more immediate relief from severe inflammation and pain. By increasing the concentration of key therapeutic agents, Exohealer SB Plus ensures quicker absorption and more effective targeting of affected areas. Ideal for individuals with chronic conditions or acute injuries, this gel provides superior support and faster recovery. Experience the next level of healing with Exohealer SB Plus and enjoy the benefits of a life with less pain.

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Purpose: Exohealer SB Plus is formulated for enhanced relief from more severe pain and inflammation. This stronger version of the original SB gel is ideal for chronic conditions and acute injuries, offering quicker and more effective symptom alleviation.

Main Ingredients:

  • USC1994-CM Umbillcal cord blood stem cell conditioned media 990,000ppm
  • 6 kinds of functional reinforced growth factors (EGF / VEGF / IGF / KGF / GDF11 / TIMP20


Packing Unit: 

  • 2ml + 5ml x 5 pairs
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