S Cain Cream 30gr


S-Cain Cream is a topical anesthetic to reduce pain sensitivity before injection procedures. The body’s response to pain leads to vasoconstriction and pores, which makes it difficult for the needle or cannula to penetrate under the skin during injection and is highly likely to cause injury (bleeding, swelling, skin irritation)

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Main Efficiencies

Lidocaine content of the cream. S-Cain Cream does not cause allergies or a burning sensation on the skin. The product has one of the strongest anaesthetic effects on the world market among local anesthetics. Benefits of S-Cain Cream: guarantees the effect of local anesthesia due to its high lidocaine content. Area of application of the product:
– Local anesthesia before injection procedures
– Anesthetization of sensitive skin areas

Main Ingredients:

  • Lidocaine 10.56%


Packing Units

  • 30gr/box

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