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REJURAN Glass Skin Booster is a highly regarded product that is known for providing youthful and radiant skin, especially among Korean celebrities. It is formulated with Filogra (Chanel) Skin Booster, which offers exceptional skin-enhancing properties. This innovative product is often referred to as the latest Hermes version of a skin booster, emphasizing its high quality and effectiveness. The safety and efficacy of REJURAN Glass Skin Booster have been extensively researched and documented. It has been studied in over 2,000 scientific journals and has undergone testing and validation at seven major medical centers worldwide. This comprehensive scientific evidence supports the claims of its benefits and ensures its credibility as a trusted skincare solution.

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Main Efficiencies

REJURAN Glass Skin Booster is a versatile skin treatment product that offers multiple benefits. It combines c-PDRN, Hyaluronic Acid, and four types of amino acids to enhance the aesthetic effects on the skin. The product is highly purified using the patented DOT (DNA Optimising Technology), resulting in a refined formulation.

  • One notable feature of REJURAN Glass Skin Booster is its small molecule size, which is 670 times smaller than the average pore size. This allows the product to easily penetrate the skin, facilitating quick and efficient delivery of nutrients to the targeted areas.
  • By utilizing the double solution approach, REJURAN Glass Skin Booster aims to restore the skin to a healthy state and repair any damage caused by external factors. The combination of its key ingredients, purification process, and efficient penetration capability contributes to its effectiveness in promoting skin health and improving overall skin appearance.
  • Overall, REJURAN Glass Skin Booster offers a comprehensive solution for achieving a glass-like complexion, providing nourishment, repair, and rejuvenation to the skin.


Main Ingredients:

  • c-PDRN, HA, Amino Acid


Packing Units

  • 3ml x 3vials
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2 reviews for Rejuran Skinbooster

  1. Victoria

    This is the only product that has worked for me in the long term. It’s reliable and consistently delivers results.

  2. Eva

    It helps tackle aging skin issues and is easier to apply than filler. There’s less pressure, and no downtime.

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