Wanna Fill 50ml

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Wanna Fill Body Filler is a hyaluronic acid-based filler made using HENM technology and is 100% cross-linked. This filler is specially designed for volumetric soft tissue replenishment and body contouring.

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• Possesses strong viscosity and cohesiveness, providing a stable and durable result
• Features optimal gel hardness that can be finely controlled for precise shaping
• Offers ease of modelling during the injection process

Application Areas:

• Correction of the shape and volume of the breast
• Replenishment of volume and correction of asymmetry of the buttocks
• Legs asymmetry correction
• Replenishment and alignment of soft tissues after volumetric liposuction
• Elimination of irregularities on the skin surface caused, for example, by liposuction
• Intimate contour plastic

Main Ingredients: 

  • HA(hyaluronic acid): 24mg/ml with no lido


Packing Unit: 

  • 50ml x vial
3 reviews
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3 reviews for Wanna Fill 50ml

  1. Yara

    Had some filler put into my thighs and calves to correct some unevenness. It’s only been a day, and I can already see the difference. My legs look smoother and more symmetric.

  2. Virginia

    I had it used in multiple areas to really define and volumize my silhouette. The entire process was quick, and I walked out feeling a new level of confidence.

  3. Veda

    Procedure didn’t live up to my expectations enough. The arms look slightly better, but I’m not sure it was worth the risk or the money.

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